How It Works

Options Home Services provides non-medical home care to the Columbus, Ohio, area. Our services are primarily for seniors living in their homes, assisted living apartments, and independent living apartments.

How Our Process Works

You call us and we take care of the rest! It really is that simple. We determine your needs and then pair you up with one of our caregivers that fit your situation best. We are one of the most trusted home care providers in the area because of our reputation and our dependable staff.

Online Family Room Access

Next, we will give you a login to our tracking system called the “Family Room.” The Family Room is a secure online area where you can find out personal information about your loved one and the care we are providing. Information such as who is scheduled, who is currently working, notes and comments regarding your loved one, etc.

You will also be in communication with us so we can discuss your caregiver and if you feel that he or she is the right fit for your loved one, your likes and dislikes, etc.

If you are a current family member and want to access the Family Room, click here.  If you would like to see a video of how the family room works, click here.


All of our services are private pay. In many instances a long-term care insurance policy may cover a certain amount of hours. If you have a policy and want us to look into it let us know and we will be happy to do the leg work.


Our rates are based on the number of care hours and are broken down into blocks of time. The bigger the block of time, the bigger discount on overall cost we can give.


A lot of our clients are new to the senior healthcare system, which can be cumbersome. Not only do we provide excellent service, but we also serve as a trusted resource for our families and clients. If you have a question about other services just ask us, we are happy to help!

If you click the link below you can also see a diagram of different services offered and providers we work with within the industry.

How Our Technology Works

Times have changed and Options Home Services continuously works to stay on the cutting edge. In a time when we use our cell phones for bank deposits, and we microchip our pets to locate them if they get lost, why wouldn’t a home care company use GPS technology to track our employees?

A Tracking System for the Absolute Best Technology in Home Care

We now use GPS capabilities to locate our caregivers while on duty. This way, we know exactly where they are when they clock in and clock out, so no more guessing and no more paper time cards. If our caregivers are not where they are supposed to be, we will know in real-time.

The Family Room Provides Information in Real-Time

In addition to GPS, our system provides every caregiver with the “who, what, where, when and how” of a client. When a caregiver clocks in, the system tells them exactly what to do. At the end of their shift, before they clock out, they will need to check off their assigned tasks as completed. Any tasks that are marked as incomplete require an explanation of why they were not completed.

This assignment tracking allows us to have transparent communication with families, facilities and our caregivers. Because we all have access to the facts we can provide even better and more personalized care.

If you are a current family member and want to access the Family Room, click here.

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