Options Home Services assists with home rehabilitation services in Columbus, Ohio.

Rehabilitation for Functional Independence

Many of our clients are looking for ways to maintain or improve their health in order to keep themselves at home. By improving their physical strength, they can also increase their independence following serious medical procedures and conditions.

Options Home Services Assists with Rehabilitation in the Following Ways:

  1. We partner with skilled nursing and physical therapy providers to provide the best communication between non-skilled and skilled home care providers.
  2. We work with rehabilitation teams to support any exercise regimen, goal setting, or care plan that has been recommended.
  3. We can provide access to our documentation for a skilled home care to monitor progress on their patient.
  4. We can also help recommend equipment, furniture modifications, or other safety concerns for the rehabilitation team to address.
  5. If the rehabilitation team has any information that should be communicated to the family, we can also prove to be a great link for communication.

If you need to speak directly to a skilled home care please contact us and we can make a recommendation.

As a trusted provider of rehabilitation services for assisted living, independent living, and nursing facilities in the Columbus, Ohio, area, we pride ourselves on being responsive, honest, reliable, and knowledgeable.

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