24 Hour Care

24 Hour Care

When staying at home is paramount to your parents’ happiness, we can make it happen. We can provide companionship, supervision for safety, assistance with personal care, medication reminders, meal preparation, transportation, or anything else you need us to do to help them stay at home!

Carefully Selected Caregivers

With 24 hour care, you can expect five primary caregivers assigned to help your loved one. Our Client Care Coordinator selects caregivers who are the best choice for the services provided. We then assign your favorite caregiver as the team leader and he or she manages the team members and all communication.

Old-Fashioned Service with Modern Technology

We utilize a variety of new technology to help us provide the best continuous care. Our high-tech, location and task tracking system displays the location our caregivers are standing when they clock in and clock out. It also lists the caregivers’ tasks that they need to complete.

For example, if you want your caregiver to wash 23 dishes and they only clean 22, the system will ask why the task was incomplete. This task might be impossible to complete simply because they ran out of soap. We will know why a task is incomplete because the caregiver can type a message in the tracking system. Once you read the message, and give us the go-ahead, we can go to the store, purchase the soap, and finish the task.

Access the Family Room 24/7/365

The best part of this tracking system is that you can check into the “Family Room” whenever you want. You will get real-time updates so you can login all the time, some of the time, or not at all. Either way, we’ll still be working like busy little bees making sure to provide the best care possible. Through our secure online Family Room portal, you and your loved ones are always informed, in touch, and in control of your care.

As a trusted provider of 24 hour home care services for assisted living, independent living, and nursing facilities in the Columbus, Ohio, area, we pride ourselves on being responsive, honest, reliable, and knowledgeable.

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